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Tattoo Television: A Rhetorical Analysis of Miami Ink Via Narrative Paradigm Theory
Tattoo Hebrew: An Analysis of Miami Ink’s Presentation of Jewish Tattoo Themes
Introduction to Electronics
Recommended Open Educational Resources for an Undergraduate Introduction to Creative Writing Course
An Overview of OER for Intercultural Communication at Century College
Recommended Open Educational Resources (OERs) for First-Year Composition (English, Writing) Courses
OER materials for Statistics for Psychology
GPS LifePlan - Leadership Plan
GPS LifePlan - Finance Plan
GPS LifePlan - Personal Plan
GPS LifePlan - Education Plan
GPS LifePlan - Career Plan
OER materials for Developmental Psychology: Lifespan
One Example of OER Use for Interpersonal Communication at Century College
Online Anatomy and Physiology I Comprehensive Review Course
Anatomy and Physiology II Course Material
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