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Why Writing Works: Disciplinary Approaches to Composing Texts
Finding Your Place College Podcast Series - Educator's Guide (June 2020)
Openstax Intro to Sociology Ancillary Resources
Writing-as-thinking: Topic Sentences
Introduction to Public Speaking
Business Computers 365
Field Patrol Officer Guidebook To Calls for Service
Fundamentals of Public Speaking Course
Improving Instructor-to-Student Interaction
Improving Student-to-Content Interaction
Skills to Facilitate Your Course
Improving Instructor-to-Student Interaction Guide
Improving Student-to-Content Interaction Guide
Skills to Facilitate Your Course Guide
Introductory Astronomy OER
Single Variable Calculus: An Introduction to Integration
Race and Ethnicity
Recommended Open Educational Resources for an Undergraduate Course in Linear Algebra and  Differential Equations
Course Template for Faculty use in D2L Brightspace


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