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Field Patrol Officer Guidebook To Calls for Service
Math QR
Improving Instructor-to-Student Interaction
Improving Student-to-Content Interaction
Skills to Facilitate Your Course
Improving Instructor-to-Student Interaction Guide
Improving Student-to-Content Interaction Guide
Skills to Facilitate Your Course Guide
Introductory Astronomy OER
Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know
International Business OER Course
Explorations: An Open Invitation To Biological  Anthropology
Critical Literacy: Version 2
Critical Literacy Version 2
Introduction to Global Studies
Modern World Literature: Compact Edition
Critical Literacy
Single Variable Calculus: An Introduction to Integration
Recommended Open Educational Resources for an Undergraduate Introduction to Creative Writing Course
Recommended OER for a Development Writing Course in Acceleration with Co-Requisite College-level Composition


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