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Computer Services Guide for Minnesota State Students
Recommended Open Educational Resources for an Undergraduate Course in College Algebra II with Trigonometry (PreCalculus II)
Recommended OERs for Community College English Composition 1 Courses: Gender Focus
African Religions
International Film and the Oscars
Virtual Advocacy Speech on African Issues (Assignment and Four Weeks of Learning Materials)
OpenStax Concepts of Biology - Chapter 1-21 Key Terms Quizlet Sets
OpenStax Biology 2e - Chapter 1-47 Key Terms Quizlet Sets
MN POST Study Guide 2021
MN POST Study Guides
Reading Fundamentals
International Business Course
ESOL Listening and Speaking High Intermediate OER
Humanizing Your Course
Designing Your Course for Student Learning
Assessment of Student Learning
Creating Accessible Course Documents
Aligning Instructional Strategies with Kaltura Media Space
Aligning Instructional Strategies with Zoom
SOC 2053: Sociology of Disability: What’s Available in Open Access Resources?


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