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Recommendations for Open Educational Textbooks for Introductory Human and Physical Geography
Computer Services Guide for Minnesota State Students
Effects of Globalization
Virtual Advocacy Speech on African Issues (Assignment and Four Weeks of Learning Materials)
Farm Business Basics Supplemental Resources
Open Educational Resources for Introduction to Global Humanities
Building Academic Literacy
Out from the Shadows of Minneapolis: Power, Pride, and Perseverance at a Northern Community College
Tattoo Television: A Rhetorical Analysis of Miami Ink Via Narrative Paradigm Theory
Tattoo Hebrew: An Analysis of Miami Ink’s Presentation of Jewish Tattoo Themes
You, Writing!: A Guide to College Composition
College Writing Basics
MN POST Study Guides
MN POST Study Guide 2021
Recommendation for No Cost Reading List for Global Studies
Reading Fundamentals
Montero. Beginning Spanish. Volumen I.
Montero. Beginning Spanish. Volumen II.
SOC 2053: Sociology of Disability: What’s Available in Open Access Resources?
Introduction to Electronics


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