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Recommended Open Educational Resources (OERs) for First-Year Composition (English, Writing) Courses
Course Template for Faculty use in D2L Brightspace
Management Principles Course Redesign
Recommended Resources for Community College Statistics
Intercultural Communication - Fundamentals in Communication
Introduction to Humanities
Finding Your Place College Podcast Series - Educator's Guide (August 2019)
Library Tutorial
GNDR 2061: Gender in Global Perspective: What’s Available in Open Access Resources?
Recommended Open Educational Resources for a Community College Internship in Psychology Course
OER materials for Statistics for Psychology
Inroduction to Digital Imaging
Developmental English self-paced D2L Brightspace course
Developmental English and freshman composition self-paced D2L courses
GPS LifePlan - Leadership Plan
GPS LifePlan - Finance Plan
GPS LifePlan - Personal Plan
GPS LifePlan - Education Plan
GPS LifePlan - Career Plan
OER materials for Developmental Psychology: Lifespan


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