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The OER Starter Kit
Graphic Organizers for College-Level Reading
Z-Degree - Interest Application - CCBY
OpenStax Concepts of Biology - Chapter 1-21 Key Terms Quizlet Sets
OpenStax Biology 2e - Chapter 1-47 Key Terms Quizlet Sets
Student OER Specialist Manual
Student OER Specialist Manual
State and Local Government OER course (Common Cartridge)
State and Local Government OER course
One Example of OER Use for Interpersonal Communication at Century College
Recommended Open Educational Resources (OERs) for First-Year Composition Courses
Composotion II: Research
Recommended OER for Principles of Microeconomics
Recommended OER for Principles of Macroeconomics
D2L course PSYC 1020 General Psychology
D2L course PSYC 2400 Lifespan Development
Computer Applications Course
Wellness Course
Voice Training Workbook for New and Experienced Singers


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